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Student Events

April 19, 2021

ESC Region 2 Student Events


2020 Embryology


TBA: Due To Covid-19. Please Stay Safe, Thank You.

This project will help the students understand the embryonic stages of a development of a chicken, the parts and functions of the egg, the function and importance of the incubator, the difference between oviparous and viviparous animals, and the responsibility necessary for caring for a living thing. All classes will keep a Hatching Journal to record visual observations of the growing embryo as well as information pertaining to the eggs (i.e. The Parts of An Egg, Uses for Eggs, Strength of an Egg, etc.) Each class will observe and record the growth of chicken embryos in Mrs. Trevino's class through the use of an incubator. This event will be limited to two interactive sites. So register quickly. Other sites will be allowed to view only. Please look at your instructional calendar to make sure that you can commit to this project before registering. This event will consist of EIGHT sessions of 30 minutes each 

This event is free to ESC Region 2 schools. There will be a $50.00 per class registration fee for out of region schools.




Helping Children Through Natural Disaster

The lessons and sessions were designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about different topics that are pertinent to them as we recover from Hurricane Harvey. 

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